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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you paint houses, condos and townhouses?


Yes, we can do all residential homes including complete interiors.  We do foyers, hallways, family rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, staircases, risers, doors, and trim. We can even paint your cabinets.

Do you refinish kitchen cabinets?


Yes, we love transforming kitchens! Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll review the process and what you can expect.

Do you do exteriors?


Yes, we always start an exterior job with power washing the surface of the serviced area. We will scrap and sand any loose or failing paint down to the original substrate. We prime then top coat two coats. We have found this process to get the longest lasting and best result.

Do you paint or stain decks?


Why, yes, we do! We always like to chat with the homeowner first to determine their goals. Let’s chat so we can discuss the options available for your deck.

Can you paint or refinish garage floors?


Yes, we love working on garages … and man caves! It takes a lot of prep work to prepare garage floors to get that polished professional look. Let’s chat!

Do you paint office buildings and commercial spaces?


We sure do. Not only do we paint the interiors of buildings, we paint exteriors too. We've worked with several well known commercial businesses in the area transforming their spaces whether it's office, industrial and even retail. 

What products do you use?


We use only premium products! Our standard quotes include only high quality materials! We use Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore exclusively.

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